A WordPress template specifically designed for Rotary Clubs

Complete WordPress Extensibility

We provide out of the box Rotary-specific features and functionality.  With the power of WordPress Plugins, you can customize your site to do almost anything you want.

Clean Professional Design

Other website templates for rotary clubs can look tired and dated.  We've worked with professional designers to create a look and feel that is both fresh and dynamic, while still being professional and consistent with  Rotary International branding.

Developed By and For Rotary Clubs

Funded by the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, and made available to Rotary and Rotaract Clubs all round the world.  Clubs that use the template are invited to provide feedback to to make enhancement requests.

Why Use the BBRC Website Template?

Consider: Rotary Clubs tend not to have unlimited access to Web-developer resources – members are often not professional programmers, and hiring someone to do your website is expensive. Consider: The website needs of a Rotary Club are complex – for example the many committees that are at the heart of the club, the fund-raising, the grant dispersal and projects, speakers programs and all the other activities that all clubs are involved in. These needs suggest that the website should be flexible and complex. So there is a dilemma – to have a website that is easy to set up and maintain by normal members, and to have a site that is complex enough to cater for the wide range of activities that Rotary Clubs engage in, while being flexible enough In 2012 the BBRC decided to move its website to WordPress. Up until that time we had been using a site that was especially designed and updated by a professional web designer. We quickly found that WordPress allows normal members to create content without programming – new pages, blogs/posts about recent or upcoming events, comments and responses. We also found that to meet our needs fully we would have to customize WordPress and integrate it with our Club Management system, www.DaCDb.org. We are fortunate in that we have a modest budget to allow us to spend some money and effort on professional design and development. So on the one hand the Rotary WordPress Template is designed and built for the BBRC’s use, but on the other we, as Rotarians would like the wider community to benefit from our work.