Donations Model

We’re a Rotary Club, not a business – so of course we take ‘Service Above Self’ very seriously.  The template and plugins can be used freely by your club – we needed to build this website template anyway for the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club.  Having said that, we welcome contributions from other Clubs that wish to help out.  Of course we expect all clubs using the template to join our User Group and provide their feedback and suggestions!

Contributions (non-tax-exempt) should be marked as “Website Contribution” and sent to:

Rotary Club of Bellevue Breakfast
P.O Box 3003
Bellevue, WA 98008-3003
United States

Our Four-Way Test “Guarantee”

  1. What’s the Truth: The BBRC Club membership is funding the initial phases of the development – we expect this to be well over $10,000 – of course, as you would expect, we are paying the hard-working professionals working on this (the designers and developers) a fair wage for this work – which is being done in Argentina and Seattle
  2. Let’s all be fair: We are hoping that other Clubs that use it will contribute a small amount to the continuing development and support of the Template. Additionally, we are using some premium WordPress plug-ins to achieve some of the functionality we need. To support this we are expecting that clubs will donate something in the region of $200-400 dollars for lifetime use of the template and all the plugins that we develop.
  3. We’ll generate Goodwill and Friendship: We hope that we can create a strong user community to help us actively and continually develop the Template for all clubs.
  4. Everyone will Benefit: Many clubs struggle with creating and maintaining a good public web image. By offering this solution based on the Free WordPress platform (so it is not exclusively tied to any Club Management system such as DaCDb or ClubRunner), we expect to help Rotary Clubs all over the world have a better web presence